Why Vaccines Matter

Protect Yourself and Your Family

  • Malaria: Cases hit a 40-year high in the US
  • Typhoid Fever: A life-threatening illness spread through contaminated food and water — More than 400 cases of typhoid fever are reported each year associated with travel
  • Polio: Recent outbreaks in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya
  • Yellow Fever – Infection has 90% mortality rate among travelers-  Going without vaccines can leave you stranded or in quarantine
  • Hepatitis A: Liver disease spread by contaminated food and water; symptoms can last up to six months –- Vaccinations are nearly 100% effective in preventing this disease

When To Visit Indiana Travel Medicine Clinic?

  • Visiting relatives out of the country
  • Work travel
  • Vacations
  • Mission trips

What Will I Leave With?

  • Personalized counseling on specific risks of the area that you are traveling to
  • Completed vaccines and documentation
  • Antibiotic prescription for traveler’s diarrhea, if necessary
  • Anti-Malarial prescription if necessary